Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and His righteousness, and all things shall be added unto you (Matt. 6:33)

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The Latin Word (the Writings of Swedenborg) is dead. Do you not believe it? See for yourself


“It was said by the angels that the Word of the Lord is a dead letter; but that in him that reads it is vivified by the Lord according to the capacity of each one; and that it becomes living according to the life of his charity and his state of innocence, and this with inexpressible variety.” AC 1176

So if the New Word is not vivified in you, you believe in what is dead, not in the Living one.


Believing one’s ideas to be merely human


It may be better for a man to believe that his ideas are merely human and his own than out of vanity to ascribe ideas that are of his own concoction to God and therefore to regard them as Divine. A man should, however, progress until he comes to acknowledge that all the truth which he thinks and all the good which he does are the Lord’s

from the book My Lord and My God by T. Pitcairn 



Elimination of pride


Spiritual Experiences 170. On the Punishment of pride, i.e. of trust in oneself

From actual experience I was allowed by God the Messiah’s mercy to learn how self-trust is punished by the pain of dejection. There was deep grief, unceasing lamentation, accompanied by near despair of any salvation. But I did observe that in the midst of the grieving and lamenting, hope of salvation was constantly present, which softened the pain. Otherwise, pride is also suppressed by a seemingly spontaneous submission, causing a person to desire nothing but lowly things – but this is a gift of God the Messiah. 1747, the 24th day of August (old calendar). A continual compassion also attended me. I distinctly perceived at the time that an evil spirit was attacking, and that God the Messiah was ever assisting by inspiring hope of salvation.


How the Divine Good of the Lord’s Divine Love is accommodated to reception

How the Divine Good of the Lord’s Divine Love is accommodated to reception cannot be known by any one not even by the angels in heaven, because it is an accommodation of the Infinite to the finite (A.C. 8644).