Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and His righteousness, and all things shall be added unto you (Matt. 6:33)

If you’re new to Swedenborg


If you have just begun to read the works of Swedenborg, the following may be of use:

MY LORD AND MY GOD by Rev. Theodore Pitcairn
TOPICS FROM THE WRITINGS by Rev. William Pendleton

If you do not know which book of Swedenborg to read, here is a brief description of a few books:

1. Heaven and Hell:

on men’s life after death, what is heaven and what is hell, their essence, activities of the angels, their relation to the Divine,  daily routine, states after death

2. New Jerusalem and its Heavenly Doctrine.

Quite brief, and yet sufficient introduction into the fundamental ideas of the spiritual faith and life. The examples of concepts that are treated of: what is good and truth, what is spiritual conscience, what is spiritual sense of the Holy Scripture, what is charity, what is faith. These ideas are contrasted with the false traditional assumptions about them.

3.  True Christian Religion

Quite comprehensive summary of the beliefs. Both theoretical and practical issues are presented.

4. Conjugial Love.

A comprehensive, and yet understandable treatment on the spiritual secrets of the marriage love, and its various opposites.

5. Arcana Coelestia.

Secrets of the internal sense of the Holy Scripture. Internal sense is presented clearly and rationally. It is more than allegorical sense. Detailed explanation, but if approached with the affection for the truth, then not boring at all, and it provides many vivid illustrations, examples.

6. Divine Providence.

If you are concerned about the immensity of evil in the world, and is very worried about the reasons of its being permitted, and is interested in the ways of God’s Divine Leading men to the eternal salvation, then this work can especially help you.