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Man and Woman Issues

To consider the man and woman issues, including the marriage, relationships, deviations from the orderly relationships, the orderly ways and disoderly ways in the relationships, we suggest you first read the book “Delights of Wisdom of the Conjugial Love, after which follow the Insanities of the Scortatory Love” (the title briefly: “Conjugial Love”).

After that, you may wish to consider the significant particulars of these book, and see their application to life, we suggest you read the papers under the heading “Conjugial Love” in the list “Subjects of Study”, located on the right side of this webpage.

Series of 5 doctrinal classes on the Conjugial Love and the relation of man and woman in the church

Also: consider View of the church on the changing moralities of the world regarding sex

Also some excerpt from a sermon:

“…In this sermon we have spoken much about the conjunction that is to take place between those who are in the goods and trues represented by Esau and Jacob, and little about the corresponding conjunction of the goods and trues represented by Esau and Jacob which takes place in the mind of each man and woman. And yet it appears that this is appropriate, for Esau and Jacob represent the good and true of the natural, or more particularly “Jacob represents the good which is from the true, and Esau, the good from which is the true.” (A. C. 3669), and their good and trues in the natural.

If we see these goods and trues only in the individual and not in society, that is, not in relation of man to man then we skip over the natural, for the natural has in it the relation of man to man, and if this is skipped over there are no natural goods and trues. In considering  the subject of conjugial love, some have held to the idea that the laws laid down in the work on Conjugial apply only to the relation of the will and understanding. Others while acknowledging that there is a general teaching in regard to the relation of husband and wife, when they come across something which does not agree with their loves, try to escape to a purely spiritual sense, and thus skip over the natural, and its struggle.

We are taught that the rational is regenerated first, and then the natural, and this latter with greater difficulty. It is an attempt to escape the essential struggle, that is the regeneration of the natural, which causes one to wish to only see what is said in the Word in application to the individual and not its application to man in society.

We indeed must not remain in the personal, but must remember the words quoted in the early part of the sermon.

“To think from person about essence is to think materially even about essence, whereas to think from essence about person is to think spiritually even about person.” (A. R. 611). To think, feel and live in relation to persons out of a spiritual essence, is to be in the new natural represented by Esau and Jacob. While as long as we think of persons from what is personal we remain in the old natural. We then also think of essence from person, which we are told is to think materially even about essence. What is more common than to think from person about essence.” (Rev. T. Pitcairn, sermon on Genesis 25:22)